Pandian Tea

Set up in the year 1969 to primarily manufacture orthodox teas. Pandian Tea industries has come a long way in establishing itself as a market leader in Orthodox Teas. A CTC manufacture line is also available to process CTC teas. The factory is situated at an altitude of 6600ft above MSL, in which the leaf from the garden in and around the area give it the unique High Grown Nilgiri
Flavour. The capacity of the factory is to process 10-12000 Kgs of Green leaf per day. The tea is mainly sold through the auctions or through our own retail wing called Pandian Tea Marketing Company. The prominent brands are "Corsley" and "Pandian"

Pandian Engineering

The Pandian Engineering Industries was started in the year 1962 as a small machine shop cum fabricating unit. It went on to make and innovate new products for the Tea Industry. Its main motto in the initial days was Systemise >Economise >Mechanise The initial work was done on fabricating new factories, repairing equipment, providing for solutions like conveyors, leaf hoists, over head conveyors and internal conveyors, sorting and cleaning equipment. In the year 1969 , the only foundry in the Nilgiris was set up and Grey Cast Iron, Aluminum and Brass was cast on a large scale , with the equipment to machine the castings. It then led to manufacture of Rotorvanes in which we were specialists. From Rotorvane in 1973, we went on to make Air Heaters, then Driers and in 1984, we started making Fluid Bed Driers. We had by 1990 developed enough expertise to manufacture full plants for various process industries like Tea, Flavored Tea, Coconut, Herbs, Spices, Salt, Activated Carbon, Etc. We have supplied machinery throughout the country and also exported various machines to Tanzania, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. The drier were made under the brand name "KAMALIN". As we are nearing 60 years of existence we look forward to a brighter future in the same field with a greater level of modernization.


To clearly position our business to be relevant to the times , following the highest standard of ethics.


To craft and manufacture the finest products , in the best way with the least impact on the environment taking care of all our stakeholders.