Pandian Nilgiri Orthodox Tea
April 29, 2021
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Pandian Nilgiri CTC Tea


This is your regular high grown CTC teas with a lot of strength for day to day use.

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One of our signature tea varieties, the Pandian Nilgiri CTC tea is all about unquestionable taste, rich brew, solid flavor, and smooth texture. Ideal day-to-day hot and refreshing beverage, this CTC Ooty tea powder is a blessing in disguise for people who prefer a strong cup of rejuvenating tea.

This all-time favorite CTC tea will never cease to refresh you, be it in the morning or any time of the day for that matter. A perfect accompaniment for all meals and snacks for many, this quintessential chai is one of the most popular hot beverages of India, and rightfully so!

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