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April 29, 2021
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Corsley Nilgiris Orthodox Leaf Tea


This high grown Nilgiri Orthodox Leaf tea has a very delicate flavour. It has a very light cup, best drunk as a black tea is also suitable for iced and lemon teas.

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A premium leaf tea in Nilgiris from our range of specialty teas, the Corsley Nilgiris orthodox leaf tea offers the most authentic tea experience one can expect. A powerhouse of high grown Nilgiri flavor, our Nilgiris orthodox leaf tea is a high-quality end product of a traditional tea manufacturing process that is been exclusively followed by us for over six decades now. A classic tea in every sense, our orthodox leaf tea, comes out predominantly golden brown with a tinge of caramel in color, with a high grown Nilgiri flavor, light body, and delicate finish. Broadly speaking, black tea is renowned for its strong antioxidant effects, promotion of weight loss and potentially reducing the risk of heart disease, thanks to our Nilgiris orthodox black tea, they not only stand out in terms of taste but offer enormous health benefits as well. Our Nilgiris orthodox leaf tea is a perfect tea to enjoy on its own and also suitable for iced and lemon teas too

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