What Makes CTC and Orthodox Tea Nilgiris Different?
June 26, 2021
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CTC Tea vs Orthodox Tea – Which Is Better and What the Fuss Is All About

Yet another new subject that set off a debate among tea lovers around the world, which is better – CTC tea or Orthodox tea. Well, this has certainly got many tea enthusiasts scratching their heads, wondering what is the actual difference between these tea types and how they differ in taste and quality. It is time to clear the decks!
It is always good to know that which tea you are buying as it will help you know what kind of tea you will get in your cup!
First things first – In Indian tea making, CTC (Crush, tear, curl) tea and Orthodox tea are two different (major) styles of tea production methods, that certainly have notable impacts in terms of flavor and quality.
Broadly speaking, CTC steeps (a process of extracting the flavor) stronger, while Orthodox teas are of high quality, and comprise subtler and multi-layered flavor profile. It is an indisputable fact that when compared to CTC teas, orthodox tea provides the most authentic tea experience and is acknowledged for their delicacy and flavor complexity. Orthodox or CTC Tea, Which One to Buy?
  • If you are a masala tea lover, especially you love the addition of milk in your tea – go for a CTC tea as it produces dark liquor, steeps strong with a distinct bitterly flavor profile.
  •  If you prefer straight black tea with some sweetener or lemon, then Orthodox tea is for you.
At Pandian Tea, we strive to make your life better as we offer both and our products include authentic Nilgiris Orthodox tea, CTC tea powder in Ooty, Orthodox tea Ooty, CTC leaf tea powder Ooty and many more to come shortly to satisfy your specific tea requirements. As now you know, you can decide which tea suits your taste buds, and go for your favorite.

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