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Rent Agreement Police Verification Form Mumbai

Renting a new apartment in Mumbai can be an exciting and challenging experience. Finding the right place that fits your budget and preferences can be tedious, but once you do find the perfect match, signing a rent agreement is the next step. However, before you sign the rent agreement, you`ll need to undergo a police verification process.

What is police verification?

Police verification is a process of background checks conducted by the local police department to verify the identity, criminal record, and address of the tenant. This process is mandatory for all tenants, including students and working professionals, before signing the rent agreement in Mumbai.

Why is police verification necessary?

The main objective of police verification is to ensure the safety and security of the society. With the increasing crime rate in cities like Mumbai, it is imperative to conduct a thorough background check of the tenant before renting any property. The police verification process helps landlords to verify the identity, criminal history, and address of the tenant, providing them with peace of mind.

How to get police verification done?

To get police verification done, the landlord or the tenant needs to fill in the police verification form, available at the nearest police station. The form requires the tenant`s details, such as name, age, occupation, nationality, address, and contact information.

Once the form is filled, it needs to be submitted to the police station along with the tenant`s identity proof, such as Aadhar card, Passport, or Voter ID card. The police department will conduct a background check and verify the details provided in the form. Once the verification is done, the police will issue a verification certificate to the tenant.

Why is the police verification form necessary for rent agreements in Mumbai?

The police verification form is mandatory for rent agreements in Mumbai, as it is a government initiative to keep the city safe and secure. Rent agreements without police verification can lead to legal issues, as it is a violation of the law.


The police verification process is an essential step in renting a new apartment in Mumbai. It helps landlords verify the identity and background of the tenant, ensuring the safety and security of society. The police verification form is a mandatory document that needs to be filled and submitted to the local police station. Rent agreements without police verification can lead to legal issues, so it`s crucial to follow the process diligently.

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